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The Purpose

Building healthy communities

Promoting sustainability

Working through partnerships

Serving the disadvantaged people


Voice from a beneficiary

“Following the devastating effects of the last drought. We completely ran out of water and all our herds died. We thank Somali Aid for their prompt intervention; we now have enough water for our daily use.” Mohamud Noor, Shallow well beneficiary, Qoryoleey.


Somali Aid

Somali Aid, established in 2010, is a politically non-partisan organization which transcends the regional and belief barriers, and aims to serve every individual regardless of their origin or location.

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Gripped by drought and racked by conflict for 20 years, Somalia is perhaps one of the most challenging environments in the world 

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Where we work

Somali Aid works in different parts of Somalia and the organization activities covers South central, Puntland, .

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